Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CenterPoint For The Win

So last week I got a bill from Center Point Energy (our natural gas service provider).  Wait, let me back up.  Back in October we got a bill from them for ~$95.  This was especially concerning because it was a HUGE jump from our normal $20-25 bills.  Like an idiot, I just log into our bill pay and just pay it.

Now, when Melissa saw the bill, she was not aware that I paid the bill and was freaked by the sudden jump.  Thinking we had a leak, she called them and they had her read the meter.  She was happy to find out that they had OVER estimated our usage to the tune of about $73 dollars.  They then sent us an adjusted bill for the correct amount, which Melissa then paid.

A similar jump occurred in November, but neither one of us really wanted to go through calling them, so we paid the bill, realizing that they would find and correct the error.

So back to the bill I got last week.  It was for a CREDIT of $90.  Awesome, right?  Well this morning I open up my email to find another BofA alert for another CenterPoint bill.  I open it up to find that they adjusted my credit from $90 to $128.

So at this rate, I won't have another bill from them for 6 months.  Thanks CenterPoint... you're always on top of things.

I am attaching a screen shot from our bill pay, because, well, it's hilarious...

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