Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Phone Saga: Part Duex

As if on cue, I had to chat with Sprint today about a screw up on their end with my billing.  (I say "on cue", because last years "Phone Saga" blog entry was dated July 25th.  Can't make this stuff up)  I have edited out some of the more boring parts.

You: Hi, so I picked up an air rave, because the signail was weak in my home, and there was an activation fee on my bill this month as a result
Clara T.: let me explain it to you.
Clara T.: The activation/upgrade fee is a valid one time charge that is applied for setting up a new line or upgrading to a new device. This fee offsets the additional costs associated with the upgrade transaction (logistics, phone set-up etc.) Sprint offers it's phones at the lowest possible price by subsidizing a portion of the cost.
Clara T.: As much as I would like to help you, I am afraid, this is a valid charge. This is a fee that Sprint charges for setting up a new line or upgrading to a new device.
You: Nope. I was told by the person in store that there would be NO activation charge whatsoever
You: and that if there was, to contact sprint to have ti removed
You: It was a signal booster for my home because the service has been less than stellar recently
Clara T.: I have checked and found that the airave device was purchased.
You: Given... I did not purchase it
Clara T.: Ok. Please allow me a few moments.
You: make it very few... i am at work
Clara T.: Sure.
Clara T.: Since a new line was added and device activated on it so the contract was renewed. That is the reason there is a charge of $36.00
Clara T.: I recommend you contact the person that made the promise to discuss the fee waiver. I can't promise they will be able to waive the fee because there are currently no promotions in progress.
You: Can you make calls out? I would like to give you the person's name that helped me.
Clara T.: I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I am arranging a callback for you.
You: no, I want YOU to pick up the phone and call her
You: Carolina M******
You: 281-***-****
You: 281-****-**** is her cell
Clara T.: I am sorry but we are authorized to communicate via chat.
Clara T.: Do not worry at all. We have other options for you as well.
You: Do me a favor
You: look down at your desk
You: is there a phone sitting there?
Clara T.: No, there is no phone.
You: lies
You: I am waiting for you to take the fee + taxes off my bill
You: I know how this works with you guys... I go around and around for DAYS, and talk to 6-7 people and have to explain the situation at least that many times
You: I went into the sprint store because my phone would not work due to poor signial at my house....
You: they told me "Oh you need an airave device"
You: I say, "ok, what's that going to cost me"
You: "oh nothing sir. Because of the outage near your home, it won't cost you anything"
You: Me: "nothing?"
You: her: "NOTHING"
Clara T.: Be assured that there are no charges for the device. The $36.00 fee is for the line activation.
You: I asked her "Will there be an activation charge, or an early termination fee if I bring it back early"
You: her: "no sir... it will cost you nothing... use it as much or as little as you want"
Clara T.: I have checked the account notes and found that there are no notes on the account to waive off the fee.
You: I can't help that she didn't do her homework... what I am saying is that she TOLD ME MANY TIMES, after me asking MANY TIMES that there would be no money changing hands as a result of me carrying that device out of the store
Clara T.: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. I would request you to contact the same store and person and get the account notified to waive off the fee. When the account is notified reagrding the waiver it would be waived off.
You: but I am asking you to do that... are you capable of even doing this to begin with?
Clara T.: When the account is notified to waive off the fees we would do it for you.
You: ok, lets pretend... I am walking into a store where you're working
You: I say "Howdy, my phone does work at my house. There's no signal"
You: to which you respond:
You: (this is where you *actually* respond as you would in the store)
Clara T.: I understand and apologize for the inconvenience caused.
You: do you understand? because I am beginning to suspect that you might not
Clara T.: I understand.
Clara T.: Let me discuss your case with my supervisor.
Clara T.: I am trying my best to resolve your concern.
You: was your supervisor graced with a phone?
Clara T.: If you want I can arrange a callback for you from a supervisor.
You: Nope, I want you to talk to your supervisor, and if necessary call the number i gave you earlier, and get this fee (plus taxes) off my account
Clara T.: I have discussed your case with a supervisor. For the inconvenience caused and as one time courtesy I offer you a credit of $18.00. This is the maximum I can offer from my side.
You: Nope... not even close... the fee was $36
You: plus the associated taxes
Clara T.: For the inconvenience caused and as one time special consideration and courtesy I am applying a credit of $37.00 on the account.
You: getting closer... The taxes on the fee were closer to $8...
Clara T.: The taxes are applied on the full bill. There are no taxes for the activation fee. I have refunded the fee with taxes only.
Clara T.: You can view the bills online.
You: Then why was my bill ~$44 dollars more than it usually is?
Clara T.: Do not worry at all. I have applied the credit of $44.00 to your account.
You: when will I be able to see that on the account?
Clara T.: It would be updated on the online account within 2 hours.
Clara T.: Be assure that the credit has been applied on the account and the total due balance on the account is $177.18
You: I have "been assured" before, and that led to this conversation...
Clara T.: Please click on Pay Now option and check it now.
You: are you noting the account regarding this conversation?
Clara T.: The previous due balance was $217.83 and now the updated balance is $173.83
You: it shows 177.18
You: 07/25/12 Billing Related Adjustment $-40.65
Clara T.: Please log out and then login again.
You: I already did that
Clara T.: You would be able to see the full adjustment of $44.00
Clara T.: Please do it one more time so that you see the full adjustment.
You: 07/25/12 Billing Related Adjustment $-40.65
Clara T.: The full adjustment of $44.00 has been applied on the account.
Clara T.: Be assured.
You: hummm... heard that before
You: are you noting that account?
Clara T.: Yes, the account has already been notated about the adjustments made.
Clara T.: Be assured.
You: and you're putting in there that if I pay a dime over 173.83 this month that the rest should come out of your pay check?
Clara T.: Yes, the updated due balance on the account is $173.83.
Clara T.: I have checked and found that the credit of $44.00 has been already applied on the account.
You: ok, I have no reason to believe that you are lying... our relationship up to this point has been nothing, if not pleasant...
You: when I pay 173.83 this month, I will trust that whatever is leftover will be taken from your paycheck
You: As long as you are true to your word, Clara T., and that you've already noted the account for the $44 credit, than I will consider this issue resolved. If I have to call or chat about this issue again, I can assure you that Sprint will never again see another DIME of my money again. I have been a loyal customer for close to 7 years, and it's inconceivable that I have have had the issues that I have had with you guys.