Monday, April 25, 2011


(8:44:16 AM) David Klotz: Let me ask you this
(8:44:36 AM) David Klotz: Is haha at the same level as lol?
(8:44:58 AM) David Klotz: Does one outrank the other?
(8:45:33 AM) Aaron Wagner: I think is goes (from lowest to highest): hehe, haha, lol, HAHA, LOL, HAHAHHAHAHAHA, LOL WTF LOLz
(8:45:50 AM) David Klotz: Sidebar... how many lols are truthful on avg?
(8:46:07 AM) David Klotz: But you left out ROFL
(8:46:44 AM) David Klotz: Or ROFLOLz
(8:46:45 AM) Aaron Wagner: we had that same conversation when I worked over at UCT... since we all worked within earshot of one another, anytime we lol'ed on IM, we knew whether or not is was BS
(8:47:15 AM) David Klotz: So what did your market research yield?
(8:47:34 AM) David Klotz: 50/50?
(8:47:35 AM) Aaron Wagner: ok, hehe, haha, lol, HAHA, LOL, ROFL HAHAHHAHAHAHA, ROFLOLz, LOL WTF LOLz
(8:47:56 AM) Aaron Wagner: I would say 60/40, 60 being BS
(8:48:55 AM) David Klotz: So the LOL is like the US dollar interms of actual value
(8:49:18 AM) Aaron Wagner: yeah... and it's worth less than it used to be due to inflation
(8:49:29 AM) David Klotz: Boom! Mindsplosion!
(8:49:30 AM) Aaron Wagner: IE. too many LOL's
(8:49:46 AM) Aaron Wagner: too few LOL worthy comments
(8:50:16 AM) David Klotz: Haha. Yes!

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